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As the book goes on, Alexa goes on to talk about her favourite book, which is Lolita. Obvious choice. I find Lolita a very controversial book because its about a paedophile who is infatuated by a 14 year old girl. Well I havent read it.

THIS IS MY 100th READ! Throws confetti (I swear I have read more than 100 books though! I have not included all those Mary-Kate and Ashley Two of a Kind, So Little Time and Sweet Sixteen books I read when I was 12-14 because Ive.

She mentions when she sat front row with Pixie Geldof for Twenty8Twelve, she realised with excitement and shock that the Editor in Chief of US Vogue Anna Wintour would be sitting next to her! She spent time before the show prepping up and honestly, all.

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If youre like me and you absolutely love Alexa Chung, then I think you should read this.more).

She was a very privileged growing up in the countryside of England. I dont know if anyone knew but. Alexa is half Chinese and half British. I know she looks liked she has no Asian in her. The next few pages, she talks about her.

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I think maybe she could have written how she got to where she is now from being a teen model to a TV presenter celebrity because shes achieved so much and it would have been nice to know more about it. However, like all books.

It is hard to say how I feel about it because I am such a huge fan of. Alexa Chung. She is my ultimate girl style crush, so I have settled for a 4 star rating purely because I am such a huge fan, which.

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