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Odiele, who calls her innovative style just being myself; no rules, has the same message for intersex youth today: You can be whoever you want. It doesnt matter. Follow Miller on Twitter @susmiller CONNECTCOMMENTEMAILMORE Read or Share this story.

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She did both the voice and the motion capture in the course of three years. She is set to appear in Пакт 2 (2014) in 2014. She is also returning to the role of Lara Croft for the latest Tomb Raider Game, Rise of the.

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Leben und Leistungen. McCord war seit dem Alter von 15 Jahren als Model t tig und arbeitete unter anderen f r das Unternehmen von Est e Lauder. Sie deb tierte als Schauspielerin an der Seite von Jason Statham im Actionthriller Transporter The Mission aus dem Jahr 2005. Nach einigen Gastrollen in Fernsehserien darunter in zwei Folgen der Serie Alles Betty! aus dem Jahr 2007 war.

Had three auditions before she got her role of "Lara Croft" in the 2013. Tomb Raider (2013) reboot. Originally went into the audition for Lara thinking she was auditioning for a project called "Krypted" with a character called Sara. She wore shorts and boots before.

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She faced multiple instances of verbal abuse including crude discussions of her modesty in online forums and rude messages about perverse thoughts strangers had of her. Describing the Internet as a major source of pain and torment at that point, she wrote pensively, It was.

Rachael May Taylor (born ) is an Australian actress and model. Her first leading role was in the Australian series headLand (20052006). She then made the transition to Hollywood, appearing in films including Man-Thing (2005 See No Evil (2006 Transformers (2007 Bottle Shock (2008 Cedar Boys (2009 Splinterheads (2009 Shutter (2008 Red Dog (2011) and Any Questions for.

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