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The couple had been dating for about a year before tying the knot. The couple welcomed a son, Caleb, in October 2016. ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching! ADVERTISEMENT Thanks for watching! Washington had previously been engaged to actor David Moscow. Early Life and Parents The daughter.

That conversation never happened. I would never agree to sleep with a man and his friends. And that was not the first time that he met me. He met me prior to that. Furthermore, when he took me home from that party, Im not denying.

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You know Tracee Ellis Ross, actress and fashion superstar, and of course you know Diana Ross, the iconic super diva/living legend among us, and perhaps you even knew that they were one of Hollywood's most successful mother-daughter duos. (Real talk, that resemblance is the definition of.

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The models BFFs were taking the inaugural ride on nightclub mogul Dave Grutmans new boat. Cindy was born in 1994 in the South of France, her mother is a Congolese, her father is Italian. While studying at the University was invited to a casting, and.

Who is Jaimie Alexander? Jaimie Lauren Alexander is an amazing American actress. She is famous for the role of Sif in the amazing Marvel comics, Thor.

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