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In an exclusive interview, the bomb disposal expert admitted: I definitely trust Jamie, 100 per cent. Any relationship has its challenges, mine and Jamies included. Everyones relationship has complexities. It can be tricky.

Grey seems to be the colour scheme throughout with even their kitchen cabinets boasting the glossy colour, with silver chrome handles and matching appliances. Their luxurious bed is in a Chesterfield-style, with a stunning velvet grey headboard.

We have a private life but in a public space. That can mean theres often an information time lag.". Instagram 9 Despite a rocky patch, the couple are stronger than ever and even have two puppies together, Audrey and Gus most read in tv showbiz.

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The country-chic house shows off its bare brick on the exterior, with a pretty white canopy over the front door - and their pebbled driveway is framed by huge conifer trees.

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Instagram 9 Their huge yellow sofa takes up most of the living room. Instagram 9 A glimpse at the couple's modern kitchen. Instagram 9 Camilla gives the peace sign as she shows off the bedroom.

The couple - who remain one of the few couples from the show still together - have finally found happiness in their new abode. Until February this year the couple had been living under the same roof as Jamie's parents.

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