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Thats what the younger generations are doing for us, she says: resetting the dynamics, standing up for themselves. Putting up with less shit. Carly Rae Jepsen. Photograph: Steve Jennings/WireImage. Shes learned to avoid producers who are too LA-ish, especially the ones who treat songwriting collaboration.

Alongside the enthusiastic technical talk she is marked out by a certain innocence. When I read back a memorable lyric from the new album about helping a man get to sleep (Like pressure points / my love can ease him in my hand) she actually.

There was a tweet about why she was better than Mozart (Carly: writes her own lyrics / Mozart: no words in songs). Less glossy and styled than other stars of the LA song machine, she is endearingly more Cyndi Lauper than Katy Perry.

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Her point being: Theres a way to still be kind and stand up for what is me. The days of guys telling women how they should look are gone. I suggest that it is unusual to meet a popstar concerned about being kind.

The song mutated into countless cover versions: even Colin Powell sang a creaky version on live TV. In the video for Jepsens follow-up hit, I Really Like You, Tom Hanks lip-syncs to her words and they dance together, a preposterous and happy pairing like Beauty.

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Famous Blue Raincoat was about. We had all these conspiracies: Jane was definitely in love with this guy, not that guy. They still play the lyrics game when she goes home.

But theres a science to love, too. The butterflies stage doesnt stop happening as you get older, she says. In fact, it intensifies as you realise how present you should be, because its not going to last.

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