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Cupcakke came on at 930 but the doors opened at 730 and the opening act was a DJ nobody knew (she was good but she read the crowd wrong a few times. i personally liked her) and she played until Cupcakke came on.

CupcakKe Eden On the Chicago rappers second album of the year, she once again displays her uncanny talent to blend the real and the absurd, the cartoon and the corporeal.

Bold and outspoken Chicago rapper CupcakKe achieved viral success and critical acclaim with her brazen, unapologetically explicit songs and videos that channeled the likes of.

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Taking you in private, private, private To sit on your private, private, private I ride it while you drive it, drive it, drive it Let you swim in my island, island, island.

CupcakKe. 29,784 likes 83 talking about this. MARILYN MONHOE.

Cupcakke DID THAT. She is a force to be reckoned with. Although her set was short, it was sweet and to the point. She did all her classic songs ranging from Spider-Man Dick to Deepthroat to LGBT.

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Elizabeth Eden Harris (born May 31, 1997 known as CupcakKe, is a rapper and songwriter born and raised in Chicago. Elizabeth began rapping at the age of 14, starting off doing church poetry, she received the nickname CupcakKe and she later began to rap).

Elizabeth CupcakKe Harris is playing to raise the emotional stakes Deepthroat is a superhit full of one-on-one or one-to-many adult love lines.

UPDATE : Rapper CupcaKKe broke her silence on the matter via Twitter on Tuesday, writing, I've been fighting with depression for the longest. sorry that I did it public last night but I'm ok. I.

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