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Unfortunately, a cooling bassinet was not available at the time Ellis was born. The Caring Cradle is a device that cools and offers a more dignified, comfortable way for parents and families to spend time with a baby who has passed away.

We would like to raise enough money to purchase and donate a 2nd Caring Cradle to Methodist Women's Hospital in memory of Ellis. Our hope is that through Ellis, other families like ours, who are handed the sudden and unimaginable news about their precious baby, will.

Please check additional information about the Caring Cradle at the following website: m/ shares on Facebook.

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We are raising funds for a 2nd Caring Cradle for Methodist Women's Hospital! Read Ellis' story below if you are just visiting our page. Our beloved son, Ellis Nolte Anderson, was born into heaven on May 7, 2017.

He weighed 6 lbs 10 oz and was 19.5" long. He was the perfect baby in every way, shape, and form. Living 6 hours away from all of our family, some were fortunate enough to hold and meet Ellis, while others were not.

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If we would have had access to one, we would have been given a gift that we will never have again: the chance to spend more time with Ellis, and allow more family and friends the chance to meet him as well.

By cooling the precious body of a baby, the natural changes that occur in death are slowed. This slowing allows parents time to make life-lasting memories, out of town family to arrive, pictures to be taken, and above all, the ability to hold, rock, bathe.

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