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Griffith did not use Dorothy in any of his earliest epics, but while he spent months working on. The Birth of a Nation and Intolerance, Dorothy was featured in many feature-length films made under the banner of Triangle and Mutual releases.

Almost all of these films are now considered to be lost films. "And So I Am a Comedienne an article published in Ladies Home Journal in July 1925, gave Dorothy a chance to recall her public persona: And so I am a comedienne, though I.

Dorothy was still a person of insignificance, but she was a good sport about it; a likable kid, a bit too perky to interest the big director, so her talents blushed unnoticed by Mr.

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Personal life edit Dorothy (right, with fan) with her sister Lillian. She was married to James Rennie (18901965 a Canadian -born actor who was her co-star in Remodeling Her Husband (filmed in 1920, it was directed by Dorothy's older sister, Lillian, in her only directorial.

In the eyes of so many persons comedy is not only the absence of studied effect and acting, but it is not considered an art. She made a film in England Nell Gwynn which lead to three more films.

Dorothy ventured into the new medium, appearing on NBC s Lux Video Theatre on the night of November 24, 1955, in a production of Miss Susie Slagles. The play had been a film in 1945 with her sister, Lillian, made for Paramount Pictures Corporation.

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As Linda Arvidson, Griffith's wife, recalled in her autobiography. When The Movies Were Young : Lillian and Dorothy just melted right into the studio atmosphere without causing a ripple. For quite a long time they merely did extra work in and out of pictures.

In Hearts of the World (1918 a film about World War I and the devastation of. France, Dorothy found her first foothold, striking a personal hit in a comedy role that captured the essence of her sense of humor.

Today my objection to playing comedy is that it is so often misunderstood by the audiences, both in the theater and in the picture houses. It is so often thought to be a lesser art and something which comes to one naturally, a haphazard talent.

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