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Eefje Depoortere[pronunciation?] (born 16 June 1987), known professionally as Sjokz (/ʃɒks/ shocks), is a Belgian television presenter, reporter, esports player, and beauty pageant contestant who is currently the host of the European League of Legends Championship Series. Currently she is living in Germany.

She was a competitive Unreal Tournament '99 player and competed in several LANs and won several ClanBase EuroCups with the Belgian national team.[1] The name "Sjokz" is a phonetic spelling of "shocks" in Flemish, and derives from her use of the Shock Rifle in Unreal Tournament.[2][3]

Sjokz began working as a freelance journalist producing esports-related content for SK Gaming and ESFi World. She completed her Master's degree in history and journalism and a teaching degree from Ghent University.[4][5][6] She was crowned as the winner of the 2009 Aardbeienprinses van Beervelde pageant.[7] Depoortere was the third-place finalist in the 2011 Miss Style Belgium pageant.[8][9][10][11]

It was due to esports journalist Travis "Tnomad" Gafford's YouTube show Whose League is it Anyway? that Sjokz became known in the community.[12] Due to her popularity on WLIA she was later hired to be the host of the European League of Legends Championship Series.[1][13][14] She has often thanked Gafford for helping her establish herself in eSports.[1][13] She is also known for the show Summoner Recap on the SK Gaming's YouTube channel, which was one of the first League of Legends shows.[15] In 2013, she hosted the League of Legends World Finals in Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. She also hosted the 2015 World Championship, which took place in Europe.[16][17] She won the "Best Esports Host" award at The Game Awards 2018 ceremony.[18]


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