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I could just read her write about her morning coffee for pages. I bumped into her at Omen in New York. Im so obsessed with her; I already know that she loves that restaurant, so thats why I go there.

I saw her and was like, Oh, my God. Now Im literally stalking this woman. I had this sense of shame, like, Its too real. But the song had just come out, and shed sent me a really nice message.

My mother was like, What are you doing?' She laughs harder. In conversation, Welch is much more lighthearted than she is in song. The lyrics of her latest. Florence and the Machine album the ornate and intimate pop opus, High as Hope read like diary.

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I can get a little bit edgy about going out, which makes me a super fun person to date laughs. Did you feel that way before you were famous? That oversensitivity definitely was there.

Kind of a realization but also sheer exhaustion. Id been on tour since 2009s. Lungs, straight through to 2011s Ceremonials. I finally took a year off to relax and it was not relaxing because I didnt have any reason to stop drinking.

It was really bad. Whats your biggest indulgence now? Vintage clothes, books and I drink so much coffee. Are you good at getting rid of old books? Yeah. Do you do the thing where you go to peoples houses and go straight to their bookshelves.

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I got so tired of how repetitive the hangovers felt. Once youve gone into the zone where its just tiring and youre not having fun anymore, it was beyond me. So it was a realization.

In its 10 songs, she tackles eating disorders, meeting people on ecstasy and finding the middle ground between happiness and depression. But off the mic, the auburn-haired 32-year-old, speaks in a lilting soprano, laughs plenty and has an endearing self-effacing quality that you might not.

I dont think youre gonna murder me, so do you want to have this book? And I end up giving them a book. How would you describe your mood when youre working?

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