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He said that Montwheelers condition is highly treatable, and that three to six months at the state hospital could restore his mental competency, allowing the criminal case to move forward. He should properly be considered highly dangerous and thus would be inappropriate for community-based restoration.

He testified last Monday that Montwheeler might have those conditions, or had them in the past, but that he couldnt be certain because of the unreliability of Mr. Montwheelers self-reported history.

A state psychologist had warned the board that family members would be likely targets should he become violent again. Montwheeler objected and asserted for the first time that he had been fooling doctors for almost 20 years.

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The five-member panel appointed by the governor supervises about 600 people deemed not guilty because of insanity who are sent for treatment instead of prison. Under Oregon law, the board is required to balance the protection of society and the welfare of the (criminally insane).

A private psychologist disagreed. He said Montwheeler had told him he heard voices: his mother, who was killed by his father, and a man he saw die during his military service.

The judge ordered him returned to the hospital for treatment of depression brought on by the charges against him. The Montwheeler case has raised broader questions about Oregons handling of people charged with crimes and judged not guilty by reason of insanity, questions ProPublica and.

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He offered no evaluation of whether the past diagnoses were made in error. Choi did emphasize in the report and in testimony that the events of the last three years led him to give little weight to any symptoms described by Montwheeler.

Anthony Montwheeler Play the audio The recent court hearings on the Montwheeler case cast new light on the complexities of that challenge. Dr. Octavio Choi, a board-certified forensic psychiatrist and director of the Oregon State Hospitals Forensic Evaluation Service, prepared a 37-page report on Montwheelers.

Choi wrote that he had based his conclusion on a six-hour interview of Montwheeler in September 2017 and thousands of pages of mental health and legal records. Choi found that Montwheeler had attempted to exaggerate impairment for the purpose of a favorable outcome, presumably so.

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