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Dexter, Darla in Angel, and Robyn in Desperate Housewives to name a few. We had the opportunity to find out what shes learned and what its all meant to her. Image via Julie Benz.

In fact, as Rita in Dexter, I would go on camera with no makeup. I remember when Dexter season one came out, every interview I did was about how brave I was to go on camera without makeup on.

JB: The truth: I love it. I love being an actor. I love being on set. If you asked me to name the most amazing place to be, I would say on set.

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So many of the women youve played have been broken in some way. Rita in Dexter is a terrific example. Ill credit the writing, but honestly you elevated a woman who on paper is victimized by men (her first husband physically and emotionally abused her).

I wish I got to play more sexually provocative roles, especially as I get older. Most scripts I read lately the roles are the mother, wife, victim role. I would love to play more bad-ass sexually provocative roles.

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I had just graduated NYU with a BFA in acting, but I didnt really learn to act until I was on set playing Darla. Image via Dexter (CBS). PB: One of your great strengths is your vulnerability as an actor.

How did you see Ritas evolution, and what was the most challenging part of playing her? JB: I loved Rita. Season one Rita was my favorite. She was a fragile bird with a broken wing, but she still believed in love and in the good.

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