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The body comes with it. HIIT it and quit it. Do something active every day. A person who inspires me- My momma! My favourite meal-. A burger (medium rare) and fries (the skinny ones, extra crunchy!) In my gym bag you will find.

The strong is sexy movement is about jumping into your full potential and owning it. I love showing women that fit is fierce. My personal mantra- Do it from the inside out.

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I like to leave sweaty, tired, and proud, knowing I gave it my all. No better feeling than being strong and capable. Gym camaraderie also keeps me motivated. Nothing like friendly rivalry to make training more fun.

Follow Karina Born: Orlando, Florida Speciality: Weight training, running, HIIT and yoga. Origins: Track "Do it from the inside out. The body comes with it.". Karina Elle I've always been competitive.

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When I was younger, I wanted to keep up with my older brother- that's what got me into track. As I've gotten older, I've used fitness as an outlet. It's when I feel most alive, most myself, and most at peace.

And that's really what I want my message to be. Train hard to let go of what's weighing you down, or to bring you even more joy on your best days.

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