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Come see for yourself why they're know as the best hair salon on the Gold Coast and Brisbane". Chantal Swanston After I left the salon on Friday a lady stopped me and told me how fantastic my hair looked.

I love them both! Shannon Marie.

I would highly recommend this salon to anyone! If you're blonde then you must go to Trendz as they're the best blonde salon in Australia". Vanessa Nolan "Ive been coming to Trendz since it first opened in Cleveland.

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"I have been going to Trendz since it first opened, and Kirra has done my hair for many years- I would never go anywhere else. The lovely Trendz girls did my bridal and bridesmaids hair and it was amazing.

Not only is Kirra a very close family friend, but she make my hair look bomb ass! Everyone is so friendly, and the salons are absolutely beautiful! I would highly recommend Trendz to anyone and everyone, male or female!

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Thank you so much Trendz Studio, loving my sewn in weft extensions. Trendz studio not only specialise in blondes but also are the industry leaders in hair extensions. If you're looking for the flattest, low maintenance extension look no further than Trendz Studio's sewn in weft.

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