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“I was 24 years old, having alcohol-induced seizures, and the doctor…he told me if I ever drank again, I was going to die.”

On May 28, 2013, Krissy Mae Cagney woke up in a hospital bed. The doctors told her that she had symptoms typical of a middle-aged alcoholic. She was just 24. If she didn’t turn her life around, her body would give up on her. That day, Krissy made the decision to finally get sober. And five years later, she’s helping hundreds of recovering addicts do the same—one deadlift at a time.

Like many teenagers, Krissy battled with insecurities. She felt uncomfortable in social situations—especially at parties. So to relax and feel like she belonged, she drank. And to force her body to stay skinny, she did cocaine.

But the more she drank and used, the more uncomfortable and insecure she became, so she drank and used more—and so began a decade-long spiral into abuse and addiction.

“There were 10 years of jail, rehab, mistakes,” says Krissy. “30% of my life.”

So that day in the hospital when Krissy realized she was gambling with her life, it had been a long time coming. She knew that she had to get sober but couldn’t do it alone, so she turned to an old love: fitness.

In high school, Krissy signed up for a strength and conditioning class. She learned proper form and grew stronger by the day. There in the weight room, competing only against herself, she felt at home.

After high school, Krissy started working at the front desk of a gym. Over the years, she slowly worked her way up to an instructor and, finally, a personal trainer. She started doing CrossFit and competitive powerlifting, and she quickly became well-known in the industry.

But all the while, Krissy was still binge drinking and using. She may have looked fit and healthy on the outside, but that was far from the truth inside. So when Krissy made the commitment to become sober, she also decided to prioritize her entire wellbeing. The addiction never left her, but day by day, she made it through.

Eventually, Krissy became a highly sought-after trainer. She released eBooks on training and nutrition and started an apparel company on the side. But no matter how much she earned, she never felt happy. She wanted to use her own journey to help others. So in 2015, she returned home and bought a gym to help other addicts in the city where her journey started: Reno, Nevada.

“The gym was the only thing through all of this that had power over the addiction and the alcoholism,” says Krissy. “I wanted to give that to as many people as I could in the city where I struggled.”

From day one, Krissy started handing out free Black Iron Gym memberships to recovering addicts that they could use for as long as they stayed sober. She called the program Reps for Recovery.

Among her trainees is a transgender man named Joey:

“I actually started drinking really heavily really young,” he says. “I was probably maybe 12 or 13…

“I had no one. So I was like, where can I go that I can try to be Joey without people making me feel like I’m a monster?”

Black Iron Gym was the answer. And he thanks Krissy every day:
“I wouldn’t be at this point in my life if it wasn’t for you. Seriously. And I mean that with all my heart.”

Not all Black Iron Gym members started their journeys in addiction like Joey. Others found themselves addicted to drugs by accident:

One man says his drug of choice was “prescription pills, which is a big problem in my area. The first year I was actually prescribed it, and I blacked out the entire year. I took it as prescribed as it said on the bottle, and I don’t remember anything from 2014.”

He views Black Iron Gym a necessary outlet for recovery: “It gives people something that they can constantly do. You can go to the gym and put all your aggression or anxieties into lifting”—instead of drugs and alcohol.

Over the years, Krissy helped over 100 recovering addicts get sober and stay sober. But in 2017, she could no longer pay the gym’s bills.

Krissy went to her accountant to figure out the gym’s finances, and he diagnosed the problem: she couldn’t afford to keep handing out free memberships, or the gym would fold.

But Krissy couldn’t give up on her people, many of whom relied on the gym to stay sober. So, Krissy says, “I started a GoFundMe the next day.”

The results stunned her. “Overnight, ,000 came in to help these people,” says Krissy. “I remember just sitting in front of my computer sobbing tears of joy that for the first time in my life, I see complete strangers wanting to support addicts.”

Krissy’s GoFundMe raised enough to keep her free memberships alive for her current members through 2017. Now, she continues to raise money through her GoFundMe to help even more addicts get back on their feet.

Krissy’s goal amount would help 140 to 180 people get free memberships for 6 months. She says that at the 6-month mark, most of these members are able to start paying for themselves.

“I know it’s going to be a really long road because it already has been,” Krissy says. “But the fact that complete strangers are donating money to me through GoFundMe, I have so much faith and hope in this program.”

Learn how you can support Reps for Recovery.

Special thanks to Krissy and everyone at Black Iron Gym.

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