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Although Minaj said it was clearly a joke and no one should take it seriously because they're just good friends, fans were still wondering why the video was made when Khaled was in a relationship with Tuck. Minaj assured everyone that the video was just.

At least we're in the same country, he couldn't do that with Danielle. He actually told me after the fact, he goes, in an ideal world after I met you and connected with you, he goes, I wanted so bad to be able to call.

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But in a way it made me feel safe that we actually weren't going to do anything, that he would not try anything with me but I could joke with him because it was, to me, funny and something to do. But I didn't think.

But next day she denied her own words and told that it was just "trolling". Also in her microblog, she set up a personal meeting with Vladimir Putin, having told that she had lots of "useful" information on his employees and about him personally. The.

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