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Misty Stone - XXX Pornstar
  • 5652 Likes / 313 Dislikes 6180 Followers

9 Scenes
  • Date of Birth March 26, 1986
  • Ethnicity Ebony
  • Skin Complexion Dark Skin
  • Weight 120lb
  • Height 5'5"
  • ZZ Rank Allstars


Fiesty and fun Misty Stone is always smiling and laughing. She is smooth milk chocolate that is toned and hard with sculpted legs a mile long and the tightest little ebony ass you have ever seen. Watching this man eater smile and lick her teeth with lusty glee is enough to get anyone's motors running. Her all natural perfect tits are topped with delectable little Hershey's kiss nipples that beg to be licked and sucked while her stunningly gorgeous face lures you in for the kill. Just imagine those big perfect curls bouncing up and down while she sucks your cock with a hungry purr and you know why we can't get enough.

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Make This House A Ho
Doing Life and Doing Your Wife
Our Cute Little Plaything 3
Making A Good First Impression
Like Mother, Like Daughter
Like A Mother: Part 2
My Girlfriend Is In Love With You
Keiran Lee: Bonemember
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