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According to the facts written in her book, her mother adopted her and she never knew her real parents. In February of 2017 the interview with Nikolay Vashukevich, Anastasia's husband by his own words, appeared at the website of "Euroradio". He told that Anastasia had.

But, as it turned out its much easier to become popular. For this purpose, she just had to go to the embankment. Nastya Rybka and Sasha Travka In media this event had been discussed during two months, it was great promotion for Rybka and Lesley.

As Nikolay tells, after the death of her mother the girl was caught by the idea to write the book, soon couple decided to separate. The girl moved to Moscow. When Nastya Rybka turned 19, she gave birth to her son. Now the boy lives.

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Answering the question of the TV host about how the girl got acquainted with the billionaire, Nastya told about the casting in the model agency where she was selected for the yacht voyage. Thus she confirmed that she belonged to the escort service. Nastya Rybka.

Almost next day after the release of the investigation of Navalny to the web, Deripaska filed a lawsuit against Nastya Rybka and Alex Lesley, having accused them of publishing his private life events without his permission. Following the court decision, Roskomnadzor included the web address.

In spring of 2017, the girl gave an interview in the "Speaking frankly with Oksana Bayrak" program on the TVC TV channel where she confessed that she was a professional "gold digger". Also, Rybka told that she has in already 6 dollar billionaires in her.

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She and other "concubine" of Alex Lesley Sasha Travka (her real name is Anastasia Davydova) had public sex with the unknown man on Taras Shevchenko Embankment. The video had been uploaded to the web after that the girls were detained for 7 days. Having released.

Harvey Weinstein at the American Embassy. Children and youth Anastasia Vashukevich is a real name of the girl. She was born in Belarus, in Bobruisk. The girl doesn't report her date of birth and constantly changes it. At the moment there is a birth date.

But that time they were interested in politics. They rushed into the headquarters of Alexey Navalny in provocative dresses. Soon they were escorted out of the office, but nevertheless, Navalny decided to find out who were these people after all. As a result, a journalistic.

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