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13 After the fight, Tate drew a degree of criticism for risking long-term damage to her arm by resisting the armbar for several moments. 14 At a press conference, Rousey stated, "Miesha impressed me, shes a tough chick 'cause that hurts. Ive had my elbow.

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Katelyn Tarver is a pop music, pop rock, and indie pop musician. Her career lasted from 2003 to 2003. Katelyn was given the name Katelyn Marie Tarver on November 2nd, 1989.

Went to Oahu (HI) to help search for her cousin, Tim Pantaleoni, in the summer of 1995. He mysteriously vanished while hiking and to this day has never been found. Her paternal great-grandfather, Guido Pantaleoni, was an Italian immigrant who was himself of Italian and.

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