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Shes a big fan of fantasy and science fiction. She is also a fan of Neil Gaiman and devoured the book when it first appeared in 2001. This makes her role as Bilquis all the sweeter.

She put herself into the character and related the lines in a way that people would be able to connect to. It must be a powerful technique because she nailed the audition and was given the part.

Were sure that as she gains exposure, well be adding more. Yetide is a huge geek Yep, she is a dyed in the wool Trekkie. She shared that she has had crushes on Data and Jean Luc Picard.

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She has officially been a citizen of the US for three years. Badakis key to acting is connection. She shared that the one thing that helped her for auditioning for the Bilquis role is that all humans have a need for connection.

Most cultures have their legends about women and their representation of the womans magical ability to create life and to command the sexual desire of men. The issue is that globally, this position is not occupied as much by black women as with other ethnicity.

Shes getting some great attention as her growing fan base can attest, but there isnt a lot that has been publicized about her yet. Were here to share five things that you didnt know about Yetide Badaki.

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Yetide is a recent immigrant to the United States. Yetide Badaki is a native of Ibadan, Nigeria. Growing up, she could only dream that one day she would find herself in America starring in a new television series that deals with fantasy.

Yetide Badaki plays in the new and powerful STARZ original series American Gods as Bilquis. Shes making a great presentation as the show enters its first season. Also known for her appearances on Masters of Sex, Criminal Minds and NCIS :New Orleans, this could be.

This could be one of the reasons why she loved Neil Gaimens book so much. He wrote it to interject a black woman into this powerful role, and Now she is fulfilling this idea in her portrayal of the character Bilquis.

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